Kai Hao

Hello there.

I'm Kai Hao, a front-end developer in Taiwan.

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  • Make your own custom URI scheme resolver

    Sometimes, sharing URLs isn't easy. Especially if we are sharing some sites like Jira tickets, which requires us to type the long domain…

  • Introduction to debugging with git bisect

    As a stupid developer who consistently makes mistakes, it happens all the time to discover some bugs only after shipping them to production…

  • console.log with line numbers

    Have you ever wished for console.log to prepend a line number in front of the log statement so that you can quickly figure out which part…

  • Write your commit messages in the right way

    要怎麼寫 commit messages 一直是爭論不休的議題,每個 team 有自己偏好的方式,以及所謂的 best practices ,像是知名的 AngularJS commit convensions…

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